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Company/Private: Private project

Website: Wiki (german language!)

Market introduction: 2005-2006

Cost of system: Cost of components is in the order of €90

Short explanation of system:
Atmolight is a homebuild version of the Philips Ambilight system. The technology behind Atmolight is comparable with the MoMoLight system. Both rely on the same principle and have a similar way of working. Four sets of LED lights can be placed placed behind a computer/television screen (left, right, top and bottom) and display the average colour of their corresponding part of the screen.

Atmolight consists of 4 parts:

  • a program which calculates the average values and sends them to the hardware via the serial port
  • a piece of hardware containing a micro-controller to take care of the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which drives the lights
  • the actual lights which can be leds, CCFLs, ledstrips, etc
  • a power supply capable of powering everything (12V, 1A is sufficient)

Atmolight hardware including micro-controller and LED/CCFL power drivers
Atmolight hardware including micro-controller and LED/CCFL power drivers

Game support:
Using the Atmolight software the system works with most games!

Video support:
Depending on the player used for playback of video's, a number of settings need to be changed/done.

Windows Media Player (WMP) Classic: Start WMP Classic, go to view and select options. In the options menu go to playback and select output. In the output screen select under DirectShow Video VMR9 (renderless)**! Now restart WMP Classic and open a video (either DVD, avi, divx or something else). The Atmolight system should now work with WMP Classic.

Windows Media Player (WMP): The only way to get Atmolight working with standard WMP is by turning of overlay (for example by turning of Hardware Acceleration with your video device).

VLAN player: Setting the video output in the video options menu to OpenGL will enable AmbX lighting effects with playback of video’s (DVD, divx, etc) with the VLAN player.

Websites/desktop support:
Using the Atmolight software website/desktop lighting effects are fully supported!

Audio support:
Not supported at this time. Future updates of the software might also include this feature.

Quality of product:



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