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Company/Private: Private project by RafkeP

Website: Article on Divxstation

Introduction date: 2006-2007

Cost of system: Cost of components is in the order of €80

Short explanation of system:
MoMoLight stands for Movie Mood Light. It's a homebuild version of the Philips Ambilight system. Three sets of lights are placed behind a computer screen ( left, top and right) and display the average colour of their corresponding part of the screen.

MoMoLight consists of 5 parts:

  • a directshow filter which calculates the average values and sends them to the hardware via the serial port
  • a piece of hardware containing a micro-controller to take care of the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • a piece of hardware driving the lights, which require more power than an usb port can handle
  • the actual lights which can be leds, CCFLs, ledstrips, etc
  • a power supply capable of powering everything (12V, 1A is sufficient)

MoMolight hardware including micro-controller and LED/CCFL power drivers
MoMolight hardware including micro-controller and LED/CCFL power drivers

Game support:
Using the Boblight software the system works very well for all games!

Video support:
Depending on the player used for playback of video's, a number of settings need to be changed/done. The MoMolight directshow filter can be used within BSPlayer and Zoomplayer (for settings details see article on divxstation), although this does not seem to work for everbody.

Windows Media Player (WMP) Classic (with Boblight): Start WMP Classic, go to view and select options. In the options menu go to playback and select output. In the output screen select under DirectShow Video VMR9 (renderless)**! Now restart WMP Classic and open a video (either DVD, avi, divx or something else). The Momolight system should now work with WMP Classic using the Boblight software!

Windows Media Player (WMP): The only way to get Momolight working with standard WMP is by turning of overlay (for example by turning of Hardware Acceleration with your video device). This also only works together with the Boblight software.

VLAN player (with Boblight): Setting the video output in the video options menu to OpenGL will enable AmbX lighting effects with playback of video’s (DVD, divx, etc) with the VLAN player.

The video at the bottom of this page showing the MoMolight effects while playing a trailer of the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) was made by using the VLAN player (OpenGL setting) in combination with Boblight.

Websites/desktop support:
Using the Boblight software website/desktop lighting effects are fully supported!

Audio support:
Not supported at this time. Future updates of the software might also include this feature.

Quality of product:


  • Effects look really stunning, very fast reaction time with deep colors
  • The cheapest solution for Ambilight effects for the PC
  • Works for all types of applications (video, games, desktop) except audio
  • Simple software with possibility to fine tune color points, brightness, etc


  • Not a readily available product, you have to completely build it yourself
  • To enable lighting effects with video playback needs additional settings of the video player

  • Example of MoMoLight effects showing the complete color spectrum (cycling colors):


    Example of MoMoLight effects with video playback of the Trailer of Ghost Rider 2012 using WMP-HC:


    Example of MoMoLight effects with a Youtube video of the trailer of Man in Black III (MBIII):


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