Ambilight for your PC

The idea behind Ambilight4pc is to provide information regarding systems/ways to experience the well known Phillips ambilight effect on a PC. This website can be seen as an informational website, but in the future there will be a form to place discussions about PC-based ambilight systems with user feedback and tips/tricks regarding these kinds of systems!  

ambilightphilipstv 4

There are quite a few ambilight companies that make systems in 2023, a few of the major projects are for example the Philips Hue Gradient Lights, the Corsair iCUE LS100 LEDs and there are quite a few cheaper ambilight solutions that will perform nearly as good or the same as the systems mentioned above. There are also a lot of DIY projects that are cheap and easy to build at home, and some do not even require soldering. 

Although all systems rely on the same principle, which is generating lighting effects which mimic/enhance the PC screen content, some clear difference can be found between the systems. 
On this website, the available systems are described in more detail, giving feedback on positive and negative points of the systems and providing tips and tricks to improve performance. 

In the table below a short summary of the capabilities of the different systems is given, for example if a system can provide the Ambilight effect while playing games or showing video content. Detailed information about the systems can be found in the subsections on this website.   

Name Company/Private VideoGamesDesktopSystemPrice
+/- 60
DIY AmbilightPrivate/DIYyesyesyesDIY
+/- 60
Philips Hue CompanyyesyesyesRetail
+/- 420
Corsair iCUE
+/- 120

Although the price of the Ambibox and the DIY Ambilight system looks very tempting, one must keep in mind that these systems are not as easy to set up as for instance the Corsair iCUE or Philips Hue systems. You also need to keep in mind that the software is not as well optimized and supported as the Corsair or Philips so there is a possibility that you will have some problems with the software at first, and you will also need to build a lot more of the system. The price is also very dependent on what deals you get with the parts for the DIY solutions.

This is a demo of the Philips Hue Ambilight ​possibilities.

In this video you see a lot of different Philips hue lights these lights are not included in the price stated above. 
The demo video that is beeing played is the Dolby Atmos demo.