Arduino DIY Ambilight 

Company :  DIY


Cost of system:  system for 27 inch +/- 55 euro / 60 dollar

Short explanation of system:

This DIY system consists of three main components, the power source for the Arduino and LEDs, the Arduino which controls the LEDs and connects your computer to the ambilight and the LED strip itself. Building the system is not too hard, you do not even need a soldering iron. First you need to prepare the LED strip, you do this by cutting the LED strip into four pieces, 2 long and 2 short, make sure that the two long peaces have the same amount of LEDs and that the short peaces have the same amount of LEDs. After that, you will need to connect the LED strips to each other, you can do this with the connection clips linked below or by soldering them with wires. Then you will need to connect the power supply to the LEDs and connect to data line to the Arduino. After that, you can set up the software. You will need to know two things, the first thing is how many LEDs you have on each LED strip and the second thing is that you need to know to which pin you're connected the data wire. The Arduino gets its power from the computer That it is connected to and The LEDs from the power supply.  

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Where to get  link to get it  Price 
Arduino nano  You can buy the arduino nano on a store you prefer for instance amazon 12 euro/usd 
breadboard you can use any breadboard you want
for instance the one linked: 6 euro/usd
powersupply 5v 
A 5v power supply it is very important that it is 5v 18 euro/usd
The Adressable LED strip The adressabe LED strip is a really important part of the setup. Make sure it is Adressable. 24 euro/usd
Optional LED strip connectors These are connectors to connect the LED strip without soldering 9 euro/usd

Support for games, videos and desktop:
In the last few years, the software has greatly improved. With the Ambibox software, you can use the ambilight in nearly every application unlike a few years ago where software needed to support ambilight, this is because of the way ambilight is handled these days. It will capture your screen and decide which color to display with the LEDs, this is the reason nearly every game/streaming service is supported. If you know of applications that are not working with Ambibox, I would really like to hear it, so I can add the info to the website if you want to contact me you can do that on the contact page. If it is possible, first state the subject of the email and then explain what is not supported or different.              

Name  Company/Private  Video Games Desktop System Price
Ambibox Company yes yes yes
+/- 60
DIY Ambilight Private/DIY yes yes yes DIY
+/- 60
Philips Hue Company yes yes yes Retail
+/- 420
Corsair iCUE
Company yes yes yes Retial
+/- 120

Quality of product:


1. The software is getting updated
2. There are a lot of options and customizable settings in the software so you can ​personalize
3. You can have a lot of zones this depends on how many LEDs a meter you have
4. easy to get for different sized monitors   

1. It's one of the hardest solutions to install 
2. You need to find the parts and make sure that they are compatible with each other  

This is a video to show how to setup the software.

This is a demo of the Arduino DIY system.